Critical traits for the next generation?
  • Find objectives that are meaningful to yourself and the world.
  • Have passion for what you want to accomplish.
  • Optimism (not trivial, but a sort of confidence that you can achieve what you set your mind to).
  • Get along with people: you can’t do these things by yourself.
  • Be a good salesperson (by believing in what you are selling).
  • A belief in the power of ideas. You can fix the problems that come along.
  • (On singularity): I make the case that (the robots) will achieve human levels of performance in every area by 2029, and once a computer achieves the same performance as humans it very quickly soars past. We will then merge with this technology in the 2030s, connecting our neocortex to the cloud.Just like what we did 2 million years ago when we got these big foreheads. That additional neocortex was the enabling factor for us to invent language and art and music and science and technology. This time there is no limit in terms of a fixed enclosure (the skull). It’s going to keep growing exponentially. We will multiply our intelligence a billion fold by 2045.