You know the old say that money does not make you happy, and it is true. Money can help you buy things to make life more comfortable, but cannot buy emotions, nor memories, nor knowledge.

Aside from general thinking, though, have we ever wondered how much money is circulating in the world? Among the main indicators for the well-being of an economy is GDP, which already half a century ago Robert Kennedy contested in a famous speech, because it does not tell us the real temperature of our society.

But how much is this GDP? How big are billions, trillions and so on?

An interesting infographic shows the proportion of global wealth, and the results are astonishing.


The fifty richest people in the world have a wealth which nearly equal the biggest corporate giants of the world: Amazon, Facebook and Apple.

Visualising the amount of money circulating in the world, still stick to currency despite of the pace of virtual currency and digital transactions, helps understanding where our economy is heading.

This will not make us richer, of course, but more aware for sure.