dnews-files-2015-11-miracle-plant-670-jpg.jpgThe hope for a new future must be of an economic growth that is not only sustainable, but shared.

These are the final words to the article by the President of the US Barack Obama for The Economist. It is a message that shows progress and sets a way to development, that is about growth and points to the direction.

Speaking of the US he recalls many topics, valid for Italy and Europe as well: unemployment, inequalities, sustainability, access to education. These are factors that, intertwined, create a big picture that requires a detailed and multifaceted intervention that works as a domino effect to achieve the target of an inclusive, and sustainable, growth.

Inequalities generates a social gap where CEOs earn 250 times as much as their workers, a job offer that poorly matches with the demand and leaves important groups of workers behind. These social problems have severe repercussions on the future of youth.

Education, when aligned to technological progress and the broadening of borders, is a focal point for development. We should educate young men and women to innovation and resilience: these are the two fundamental ingredients to create a solid basis for an inclusive, sustainable and spread growth.

Next week the Italian edition of Frugal Innovation I co-translated will be released: it is a vademecum to do more, and better, with less. Inclusive growth starts from there, from a dynamic, innovative and flexible approach. Simple, but not simplistic, frugal but not cheap.

Using less resources to achieve the same result is an excellent exercise, embodied with all the educational value we need in this time. We need to educate others, and ourselves, to value our resources and make the most of them to achieve a result for us and the community we live in, that nurtures the ground for growth and expands it to include the margin we too often leave behind. This jugaad principle is still valid.

School, university and education in general serve this precise scope. Knowledge does not increase vertically, but is fed mainly by cross-level interactions. Educating our youth to this means to revert the domino mechanism and build something bigger and more durable.

This is President Obama’s hope for the future, but ours as well.