severino-rettoreYesterday, Monday October 3, 2016, the LUISS Board of Directors, led by President Emma Marcegaglia, nominated Professor Paola Severino to succeed Professor Massimo Egidi as rector of the university until April 2018.

Well-known across the country for her numerous professional successes, Paola Severino has served in several prestigious roles on the institutional level, culminating with her nomination as minister of justice in a crucial moment of Italian history. During her time as a cabinet member, Severino contributed to repairing Italy’s international reputation with a law against corruption and illegality, recognized worldwide as an example of juridical excellence.

Parallel to her intense participation in the country’s public and legal spheres, Paola Severino remained dedicated to research and teaching. At LUISS, she has held a number of increasingly influential positions, from full professor of Criminal Law to head of the Department of Law, to 2007 when she was nominated vice rector of the entire university, thus combining her professional history with the life of the university.

Since 2014, she has acted as president of the LUISS School of Law. She is the director of the master’s program in Business Penal Law and co-director of the master’s program in Policies to Fight Corruption and Organized Crime. She is also coordinator of criminal law programs for the LUISS Specialization School for Legal Professions.

During the Board of Directors session, Professor Severino thanked the members for their trust and respect before nominating the new vice rector of the university, Professor of Economics and Innovation Management Andrea Prencipe from the Department of Business and Economics.

President Emma Marcegaglia, while thanking Professor Massimo Egidi for his service to the university throughout the years in terms of growth and of recognition from the global research community, expressed great satisfaction in nominating Paola Severino. “The first female rector in LUISS history, she is a person with great international value and prestige for her academic and institutional success, both proving her commitment to excellence. I would also like to underline the significant choice of Andrea Prencipe as vice rector as we believe that the quality of his research and abilities in new fields of innovation will, in the long term, lead to new important growth for the university.”

In concluding, President Marcegaglia remarked, “We hope that the newly nominated leaders will bring the university to new heights, even more ambitious and challenging than those achieved thus far.”