Cf_hh_qWIAA-j1i.jpg-large.jpegThe first edition of the Youth Festival is starting today in Gaeta. This initiative is a project of Strategica Community, based on Fulvia Guazzone’s idea together with 15,000 students of NoiSiamoFuturo, and in collaboration with LUISS University, the Gaeta Municipality and Intesa Sanpaolo.

The event is meant for students in their final years of high school and to hear the voice of new generations, who will then be able to discuss together over the next three days, in a dynamic and direct way, topics about the future and to share their personal and collective stories using the same everyday social language.

The young people who will participate to this initiative are willing to leave their footprint in society and they will have a unique opportunity to have their say on 14-16 April in Gaeta, between debates and ideas in movement.

There are also projects of school-work alternation on topics such as legality, active citizenship, volunteering and economy of the sea. Thus, this festival aims at shaping Gaeta into a sort of “city of the future”, in which youth will become messenger of a new knowledge and a different way of telling themselves, in a changing world they are the main actors of.

Let them in, let ideas in, let dreams in. The appointment is in Gaeta today until Saturday 16th.