fabrizio-forquet-imagoeconomica-k1NF--258x258@IlSole24Ore-WebWhen someone passes away, every word seems in displace. They give temporary healing, but cannot replace the feeling of a heavy void.

Yet Fabrizio Forquet, Deputy Director of the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, used words, accurate and never in displace, as his primary mean with whom he told stories from the world. Being professional, sober, competent. In this “social” world full of words, not everyone could claim to have these same virtues.

Fabrizio was also the Director of the joint Master’s LUISS-Sole 24 Ore in Political Management and one of the most brilliant economic journalists in Italy. He wrote about Europe, about Italy, about the present and about the future. He passed away today, aged only 48, defeated by a disease that suddenly struck him two weeks ago and gave him no escape, making him leave his wife and four children.

Tragedies like this remind us, with pain, that none of our days is granted. They remind us that every day should be lived fully, creating value for us and for others, contributing to collective good, leaving a visible footprint in society. Living a large life, if not necessarily long.

Death has not the final word before the life we are able to release by making the most of our human capital.

Let us fill the world with words of construction and not of destruction. Let us fill it with the values Fabrizio embodied. Let us fill it with life.

Goodbye Fabrizio, have a good journey.