Following the announcement that Apple is launching a school in Naples which will educate 600 developers every year and should start by next summer, another tech giant is now investing in great Made in Italy ideas.

Facebook has included five promising Italian start-ups inĀ its FbStart project , after investing over 100 million dollars in 7,200 young enterprises worldwide.

Since 2014 FbStart has been providing the companies it has chosen an incredible opportunity for growth. These companies will have the possibility, through resolving their own fan page bugs, to discover in advance and make the most of all the strategies that Facebook offers to achieve a better positioning on the market and to reach new customers.

Five start-ups have been selected from 100 candidates, and all of the winners were accelerated in LUISS Enlabs. A major success for a unique and peerless project that aims at supporting growing business.

In Italy, nonetheless, investment in young firms is a long stretch from excellent. In 2012, 260 million euro was invested in Italy for launching new businesses, compared to 1.7 billion in France and almost 2 billion in Germany. Interventions that promote new companies number 300 thus far, compared to 1,300 in France and 2,200 in Germany.

It is patently clear that we need to give our all to invert this trend, and these projects by Apple and Facebook are forerunners towards such a mission.