colosseo.jpgThe Corriere della Sera has recently opened a section devouted to the Beauty of our country. A year of stories about cases of beauty of our places, as opposed to the stories of bad habits – criminality, insecurity, corruption, distrust, youth getaway – that make people lose hope in a country that should, instead, start off again.

These stories are about the Pantheon, the Brunelleschi dome and other masterpieces, which all are products of human ingenuity, masterpieces that keep attracting millions of people from everywhere in the world. These are stories of audacity of those who made what seemed impossible, but still “well done” things.

If Italy is still the country of the “know-how”, the not-always-considered economic impact of it is everything but irrelevant.

Data from the World Travel and Tourism Council, in fact, show that in 2014 the direct contribution of tourism to the Italian economy accounted for 4.1% of total GDP. Moreover, there is an expected growth in 2015 of 1.8% of GDP, and 2.1% by 2025 (up to 4.6% of total GDP). However, the share of total GDP (including direct, indirect and induced effects) of tourism accounted for 10.1% of GDP.

Severe forecast about the future are not proper to get the necessary push to make the current situation better. Being careful about beauty of big and small things, and trained to catch them, helps in making the most of every situation. To this extent, the commitment of LUISS is to foster beauty – of the campus, of education, of extra-academic activities – to get prospective graduates prepared to recreate beauty in their job.

Beauty is not self-evident, rather it should be quite often searched with courage and perseveration, learning how to see beyond what is apparent. Nurturing beauty, doing good and well, sharing and improving, making the most of one’s ingenuity to create something simply better: these are keywords, now imperatives, we can no longer take aside.

And if “beauty is going to save the world”, we cannot do anything but getting ready to make our part in the process.