coverYesterday, LUISS hosted the Welcome Day for all freshmen. Throughout the day, students had the opportunity to get to know their University, while learning about LUISS activities, associations and initiatives, and listening to the presentation of all degree programs by the Deans.

This event happens every year, yet every year it brings a load of different emotions.

LUISS is an evolving reality, a plastic representation of time and opportunities, which keep running.

Those who were yesterday in the campuses of viale Romania and via Parenzo have a baggage of experiences and expectations that we are required to improve, though without overloading. To encourage, but with an attentive eye to the world. The freshmen we welcomed yesterday have just started their journey to enrich their time with innovations and opportunities, as good entrepreneurs of themselves, always learning something new, unceasingly looking for answers to their questions.

Here are some moments from the Welcome Day.

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