libano_pinotti2Yesterday, the experience of a group of 15 LUISS students at their last year of the courses of International Relations and Law, who were guests at the military base of Shama in Lebanon, came to an end. An educational experience, side by side with those who lead the operations of peace-keeping, to get to know better the planning and management of a mission of cooperation.

The military involved in the mission of peace in Lebanon showed the students around and the current projects, as to put into practice what they have studied in books.

During a first intensive phase of training held on 13th-24th July at the Centre for Simulation and Validation of the Army (Ce.Si.Va), leaded by the General Salvatore Polimeno, the students had the opportunity of going deep into the legal aspects of the military operations abroad, the coordination between the military and the civil organisations in the field, the culture of the country and the features of the local communities.

The aim of the second phase in the field was to establish a strong interaction with the militaries involved in the mission, and to engage in a simulation of planning with the Joint Task Force Lebanon in Shama, one of the most important bases of international cooperation.

The meeting with the Italian Minister of Defence Roberta Pinotti, who was visiting with the General Claudio Graziano, Chief of General Staff of Defence, was also a significant stage of the mission.

The cooperation with the Military Authorities started one year ago with the visit in Kosovo, organised with the Defence General Staff, and went on this year with the Army General Staff.

These initiatives are a response to the need of students for practical experience, useful for their growth and for their ability to enter the labour market. Looking with their eyes what they have read on books and they repeat during exams is an important step of growth for students, and a unique chance to understand their real professional ambition.