The world has utterly changed before our enthusiastic eyes. How we communicate, how we buy, how we interact. All has changed, but education, for some reason, has stubbornly clung to the age-old formulas. Today’s youngsters are an entirely new breed. Much more than digital natives. Our traditional educational tools no longer fill their needs. They prefer to be apprentices than students, laying their hands upon knowledge, seeking and creating answers to their questions. Such a vast horizon of information and ideas calls for an educational rajectory that reaches far beyond a handful of fixed learning methods. All fonts of learning must be seized upon with vigor, whenever and wherever they occur. The time has come to make knowledge inclusive, broad, large. Large, but not cumbersome. Agilely large, astoundingly rich. We know we should be learning throughout our entire lives. Now we need practice, vision, emotion and an insatiable hunger to learn. We need a new educational model that will combine a solid theoretical education with practical experience. A lifelong learning that expands and evolves into life largelearning, yielding the richest, broadest, largest learning on offer. Playing host to entirely new opportunities and providing generous room for growth and enhancement. This book puts forth the case for a broader education, theoretical but also practical, which champions the skills that students often neglect in the words of the students who tried this new form of learning first-hand. They immersed themselves in humanity, in slowness and in diversity. Arguably the most challenging and profoundly rewarding training that we can ever undertake.

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