We need a shift in mindset in which teachers stop thinking of themselves as the repository of knowledge that must be transferred to fill the children’s empty brains.
Instead they need to be thinking of themselves as stimulators of the native curiosity and capability of children to explore and learn. That means appealing to heart as well as the mind, and inspiring children to see they meaning of these subjects in collaborative activities

As we emerge from the crisis, we can proactively shape more inclusive, fair and sustainable economies, organizations, societies and workplaces.

To do so, we must mobilize the best of human capabilities, technologies, innovative policies and market forces in service of this new vision.

8 out of 10 of the young people in low and meddle income countries are going to have to be entrepreneurs. They are going to have to make jobs for themselves.

They want the possibility not to cover stuff in school, but to discover about their combined ability to contribute, to resolve, to enhance this world.