You might have watched this video. You might also have been thinking “Wow”. Because this is what we are, as human beings: we are “wow”.

We might think that our lives are complex, that our problems are big, that our issues are unstoppable. But what is truly at stake, is that we are much more complex than we could ever imagine.

Also, what our eyes see is absolutely relative. The more we put distance between us and an object – or a person –, the less details we see. The closer we look, the less we miss the big picture.

The Earth might see huge to us, but it is actually very small compared to the Sun and other planets. Similarly, life is a matter of perspective. Our choices are not so big compared to the universe, but they are utterly impactful when seen from a closer view.

Human beings are complex and resourceful individuals. The greater mistake would be to think we are too small to be worth the greatest potential.