Did you like this song? Wish you could ask the singer, Amper, for an autograph? I am sorry to disappoint you, but you can’t. Because Amper is a not a person.

Amper is an AI system designed by a team of engineers and musicians, in collaboration with the YouTube star Taryn Southern, who only collaborated for arrangements and voice.

It is not the first AI system able to create music, but so far the most advanced. To day, music generated by AI needed to be adjusted and reinterpreted by human musicians, whereas Amper needs no help. It only uses inputs from human artists, such as style or rhythm, to transform them into music.

Therefore I AM AI, this is the title of the album, is the first to be entirely composed, played and produced by artificial intelligence.

Can AI impact creativity? What if the most sensitive, human and creative field of human production is replicated by machines? What would the world look like then?

Drew Silverstein, one of the minds behind Amper, highlights that the system was designed to collaborate with human musicians, not to replace them. Bu will this be the new frontier of creative processes?