If you are bad in maths, maybe it is because you eat bad.

This is what that Sam Kass, chef and entrepreneur, thinks. Grown up in a family where everybody was a teacher but him, over years he proved the correlation between a balanced, sustainable and healthy nutritional regime and a good performance in school.

When kids eat well, have a nutritious breakfast and a healthy lunch, they are more able to focus on school, will record better results and will eventually become healthier adults. On the other hand, kids whose diet is full of sugars and poor in nutrients will have worse records.

As part of his work at the White House, he instituted a program that for all schools that had 40% more low-income kids. Every kid in that school was served breakfast and lunch for free. The schools that have implemented this program saw an increase in math and reading scores by 17.5%, and research shows that when kids have a consistent, nutritious breakfast, their chances of graduating increase by 20 percent.

Starting from the ground, that is food, we will be able to transform the future, education, the public health and the economy itself, guaranteeing a brighter future for everyone.