51-QeIYwqFL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgFrugal Innovation, a survival handbook for those who want to do better with less, has been named the Chartered Management Institute’s Management Book of the Year 2016.

Following its forerunner Jugaad Innovation, which I was honoured to translate into Italian with Leonardo Previ, this book develops the idea of “doing more with less” and stretches it to the extent of “doing better with less”.

The issue of scarcity of resources, which forced the world’s economies to rethink their business models, was considered for far too long as something that had nothing to do with western and industrialised countries. In this book, Prabhu and Radjou use dozens of case studies to show that this is simply not true. An accurate employment of resources, paired with an ingenuity that expands by virtue of individual creativity, is able to lead to incredible innovations.

As Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, writes in his foreword to the book: “Radjou and Prabhu demonstrate how – and why – the concept of frugal innovation has moved seamlessly from management school slogan to boardroom priority. Through a series of case studies they provide unequivocal evidence of why the “age of austerity” can become the “age of opportunity” for those willing to approach innovation in a very different way.”

The extraordinary success of the book cannot add to my immense joy at being one of the translators of the Italian edition (to be published next spring by Rubbettino), of another book by Prabhu and Radjou, but only further strengthens my conviction that “doing more and better with less” is truly the key to innovation in our time.