imageWhat is usually said to students at all levels is that they should achieve success. What success means, and mostly, how this target should be achieved, is less clear.
According to the most common definitions, success is completing an objective, or the achievement of an action within a specified parameter, and this can encompass both the personal life, and the professional one. However, it is not uncommon that success is measured almost exclusively in an increasing scale of material goods.
This approach was common until a few years ago, but now we tend to measure success based on the impact that it could have not just on the individual, but also on the community and the environment around. This is a more sustainable method, that also deals with the social and natural needs we live in, which is already unable to supply the increasing demand of resources.
However, it is good to keep in mind the quote we started from, that success -whatever the definition- comes one step at a time. Not at the speed of an elevator that goes straight to the point, but step by step, result by result.
Success is, then, to put little bits of happiness one after the other. A transition between several, different and necessary destinations.
Looking beyond the current results mean to be beyonders: beyond the present, but fully into the present, with the necessary care and attention. Even this, mostly this, is a great success. A possible success, if we look for it with commitment and dedication, as shown by the case of Luca Maestri, a LUISS graduate, now Apple’s CFO.