imageUsually, at the end of the year, we venture -and also enjoy- into analyses, good purposes and forecasts for the next year. To sum up the one we are leaving now, we can undoubtedly say it was a positive one. Our university came under a massive expansion in terms of physical spaces, our academic offering is more up-to-date than ever, and the constant endeavour to hone more and more students with soft skills is concrete and incremental. We opened new spaces in which students can freely share “things” -books, spaces, foreign languages, time and individual skills-, and we have in mind to open more of these corners in the next months.
We have big projects for the new year, as individuals and as shared ecosystems. We think that the educational experience should be a “lifelarge” process, one of growth and exploration.
Our days are full of anxiety and terror. Words of fear inhabit our newspapers, the journalists’ voices at the radio, the chitchatting among friends. As educators, our job is not to allow this fear to take advantage. Those aged 20-30 today are much more flexible than those of the past generations, and have less fear.
The world belongs to them. The world belongs to those who are able to have hope, to make the most of their resources, to cultivate value in everything, even the little ones. The world does not belong to those who are afraid of taking the first step, but to those who know that they are going to walk anyway.
Everyone of us, whether individual or ecosystem, must keep walking, passing courageously the baton of solutions, not just the one of problems.
The world belongs to those who have courage, who dare, who explore.
May the new year bring to everyone of us the willingness to take those courageous steps.