come-costituire-unassociazione-di-promozione-sociale_47965d51ca8a07fa09e1a0cfc955ca4dToday, in the premises of LUISS Enlabs, the 9th Report on the Ruling Class was presented. This project is led by Fondirigenti and LUISS, and so far it has contributed to shading a light on several aspects of the leading class of our country.

This edition investigates the world of associations. By adopting an accurate analytical method, the report outlines not just what attracts different segments (youngsters, young adults, parents or elderly), but also the habits of the young people and the peculiarity of their aggregations.

The figures are odds, and stimulate reflection on the policies needed to support the weakest functions of our system.

For instance, it is interesting to see how the youngsters are less aggregated than the past, due to the fact that they spend more time on the Internet than with friend “offline”, or in contexts in which socialisation is mandatory – schools and university.

Secondly, the evolving idea of volunteering is peculiar. Through social media analysis, it came out that many young people aged 16-34 trust a little in volunteering, considering it as a growth experience, but one of little help on the wage side. Furthermore, an environment that was traditionally dominated by young people soon became a field to work for many elders too.

These data and others in the Report help us to focus more on a segment, the one of associations, that is an important social fabric of aggregation and a crucial tile to better understand – and improve – the ruling class of our country.